Psychometrics & Assessments

Psychometrics are a great way for us to understand an individual – their typical behaviours, motivations and personality traits – which helps us make informed decisions in hiring, retaining and developing employees. There is a very wide range of psychometric tests and assessments available which include 360 Appraisal tools, behavioural assessments and Aptitude and Ability testing.


There is a distinction between a psychometric test and a psychometric assessment. The main difference is that a test measures your maximum performance using tasks that have right or wrong answers. An assessment will typically use a questionnaire-format, asking you to rate your agreement levels with certain statements, or perhaps indicate how frequently you feel a certain way.


Most assessments can be taken online and completed in minutes and we can deliver feedback either to the individual or directly to their employer.


We most frequently use OMG and Thomas International tools but we have access to many more, so do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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