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We understand that Private Equity is about Return on Investment. Full Stop.


There's no shame in acknowledging that - in fact, we believe that it is imperative that your HR function understands, and fully embraces, the fact.


We would love to help you stand out from the crowd, by helping you to embrace and engage your best asset - your people (yes, we know it's a cliche, but it's true).


Having the right people initiatives and strategies in place not only makes for a more productive workforce, but reduces your business risks, positions both your PE firm and your Portfolio companies for growth and helps ensure that all-important EBITDA measure is achieved.

Better transformations = Higher ROI = more funding from Investors, Banks etc. Simple really.

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We can support you from your first interest in a Target company, Pre-Deal Due Diligence and Bid Support through to preparing the company for sale.

Whether it is a divestiture, stock deal or an asset deal, we have strong experience managing all the people-related aspects, from Duel Diligence, TUPE, Culture and Integration through to leadership assessments and senior level exits through to HR strategy and operations, HR compliance, payroll, and benefits. We're also skilled at supporting transformations in Portfolio companies.