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Founded by Sara Erasmus, and supported by a group of talented specialists, we have the expertise to deliver bespoke solutions and support to your business.

One Coin

We offer a number of flexible solutions, with little or no tie-in.


We are recognised as a true partner to our clients based across the UK, achieved through living up to our claims of making a difference to your top and bottom line numbers.


We achieve this by embracing our core values in all that we do.

Passion for our Clients

This means ...

We treat your business as if it were our own and work hard to ensure we deliver outstanding services and expertise.

Some of the ways we   

demonstrate this ...

  • Do what’s right for our Clients

  • Make things as easy as possible for Clients to implement and internalise.

  • Find ways to measure and track Client satisfaction.

  • Develop enthusiastically satisfied Clients every time

Impact & Growth

This means ...

We focus on delivering solutions that provide business value for our Clients. We promote growth in our Clients, team members and company, both in terms of learning and profit.

Some of the ways we

demonstrate this ...

  • We are problem solvers and always look for good results

  • We deliver growth, increased profit & better businesses for our Clients and for BSHR

  • We are determined to be the best at doing what we do.


This means ...

We will maintain the highest ethical and moral standards in all that we do, from us as a company through to our relationships with our Clients and the solutions that we introduce into their business.

​Some of the ways we

demonstrate this ...

  • We take pride and accountability in the advice we give to our Clients

  • We uphold the values and principles of BSHR in every action and decision.

  • We are data-based and intellectually honest in advocating proposals, including recognising risks


This means ...

By taking personal responsibility for everything we do, we develop real trust with those with whom we interact.

Some of the ways we

demonstrate this ...

  • We will always make sound judgments and communicate honestly with our Clients and each other

  • We ensure the strictest confidentiality in dealing with our Clients issues.and information

  • We work in an open and transparent way with our Clients, and deliver a service as agreed, within the timescales we have promised 

Passion & Positivity

This means ...

We work to inspire those around us with our knowledge, commitment and positive can-do attitude.

We are genuinely passionate about people and understand the positive impact they have on the world and the businesses for which they work.

​Some of the ways we demonstrate this ...

  • Inspiring those around us, in the profession and with our clients.

  • We are brilliant at what we do and thoroughly enjoy ourselves doing it!

  • We are not scared off by challenging situations