Talent Management & Succession Planning

Healthy businesses don’t just focus on who is working today and what skills they have now; they keep an eye on the future, and where the business is going, or needs to go.


Talent Management refers to the recruitment, retention and development of individuals who deliver superior performance on a consistent basis. Talent management is a way of ensuring that you recruit and retain the people who make the most difference to your business. The task of retaining key talent in an increasingly competitive market is becoming increasingly difficult and proactively engaging in talent management makes business sense.


Succession Planning is a strategic approach to ensure that necessary talent and skills will be available when needed, and that essential knowledge and abilities will be maintained when employees in critical positions leave.


All organisations, no matter their size, benefit from succession planning and it doesn’t need not be confined to key appointments - you can expand it to include all managerial positions and all situations where a need for succession can be predicted.

  • Business contingency and continuity

  • Giving your staff career development opportunities

  • Making the most of your brightest and best team members

  • Building loyalty and long-term knowledge in the team

  • Steering a steady ship with low staff turnover.

How we can help:

  • Understand and articulate what makes a great employee, supervisor, team leader or manager for your business.

  • Evaluate staff - where they are today and where they could get to.

  • Devise a bespoke Talent and Succession strategies and toolkits

  • Help you identify opportunities for people to test and develop their leadership and management skills.

  • Provide training, development and coaching to turn your people into star performers.

  • Help you identify and move people up in the organisation