• Sara Erasmus

Coaching the Brexit Storm

Coaching for Results

Welcome to 2017! Wow! What a year 2016 was. If, like for me, it was a mixed year of opportunities and challenges, I’m sure you’re glad to see the back of a year that seemed to overstay its welcome.

We don’t know for sure what 2017 will be throwing our way but we can hedge our bets on some movement around the highly-debated topic of Brexit. ​(Unless you were living in captivity or 'off grid' for much of 2016, you will know that, in an historic referendum on 23rd June 2016, there was a majority vote to leave the EU).

It's time for us to put on our Big Pants a la Bridget Jones and prepare ourselves for the challenges and opportunities of Brexit.

Now, more than ever, strong leaders with high levels of resilience are in great demand. The people in your business will, as they always do, be looking to you for guidance and cues on what to do and how to behave (think ‘flight or fight’ and ‘sink or swim’). Naturally, leaders and managers who are able to face challenges head on and guide others through adversity and ambiguity are key in these uncertain times we find ourselves in – not just because of Brexit but the modern business world is constantly changing and evolving.

But who is guiding the Leaders?

Being a leader has its rewards and benefits – but it can be lonely at the top. Finding someone to bounce ideas off or sound check with can be difficult and it’s easy to understand why leaders and executives are turning to external Coaches for their development.

Even the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, has said that the best advice he ever received, and followed, was to ‘get a coach’.

Coaching at this level takes an holistic approach and covers a wide range of topics.

A Coach is part adviser, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager and part strategist’ - The Business Journal.

Executive Coaches act as a confidential sounding board and are able to put things into perspective and, indeed, offer different perspectives, allowing you time to reflect and discuss. As well as working with leaders to develop their effectiveness, change their behaviour and build their resilience, Executive Coaches also help you address overall business strategy and future direction.

They provide honest, objective and unbiased feedback as they have no ‘hidden agendas’, driven by the sole purpose of enabling you to be the best that you can be.

In this limbo period we find ourselves in, Coaching may very well be the best preparation you could invest in at this time.

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