Leadership Development

Ineffective management is estimated to be costing UK businesses over £19 billion per year in lost working hours alone.


Incompetence or bad leadership causes 56% of corporate failures.


Effective leadership can result in a 23% increase in business performance and improve levels of employee engagement.


If you are looking to grow or change your business, now more than ever, the people you are relying on to implement your strategies will benefit from building on their key qualities, cultivating new strengths and improving their management skills.

The ability to lead and manage is often what sets people apart, and it is widely recognised that good leaders can better motivate and manage a team towards successful completion of tasks and achievement of goals.


Our Approach

We tailor-make a programmes specifically around the needs of your management team and company goals.


Typically, programmes run over a 12 to 18 month period, with monthly workshops and follow up, enabling participants to apply their learning in the workplace. 


Along with your bespoke Leadership Development Programme we may suggest the use of one or more psychometrics or 360° feedback, which allows you to take an holistic view of the strengths and limitations of your team and the programme can be further tailored to match, by enabling us to pinpoint areas of training and coaching required.


We can also incorporate Coaching or Mentoring, either face-to-face or remote and either as a group or individually.


We all know that, unless it’s practiced in the workplace, it can be forgotten and that is why we incorporate for example, Action Plans, Coaching, small group workshops and applied knowledge assessment into our programmes. This enables the participants in the programme to demonstrate how they have changed the behaviour and the impact they have had back in the workplace.