The GROW Model


Here at BSHR, we use the GROW Model in our Coaching. The GROW Model is simply way of structuring an effective coaching conversation and one of the most established and successful coaching models. Created by Alexander Graham, Sir John Whitmore and colleagues in the 1980s, it was popularized in Sir John’s best-selling book, Coaching for Performance.


GROWstands for Goal, Reality, Options and Will. It places the responsibility for learning and acquiring the required skills on the coachee, encouraging them think for themselves (we all have it in us to think creatively and sometimes need to have this teased out of us and options of viability discussed).




Step 1: What are your Goals?

  • Identifies and clarifies the type of goal through an understanding of ultimate goals, performance goals and progress goals along the way.

  • Provides understanding of principal aims and aspirations.

  • Clarifies the desired result from the session. 


Step 2: What is the Reality?

  • Assesses the current situation in terms of the action taken so far.

  • Clarifies the results and effects of previously taken actions.

  • Provides understanding of internal obstacles and blocks currently preventing or limiting progression. 


Step 3: What are your Options?

  • Identifies the possibilities and alternatives.

  • Outlines and questions a variety of strategies for progression. 


Step 4: What Will you Do?

  • Provides understanding of what has been learned and what can be changed to achieve the initial goals.

  • Creates a summary and plan of action for implementation of the identified steps.

  • Outlines possible future obstacles.

  • Considers the continued achievement of the goals, and the support and development that may be required.

  • Estimates the certainty of commitment to the agreed actions.

  • Highlights how accountability and achievement of the goals will be ensured.