Signing a Contract



We can offer you a number of fee options when engaging with us to suit your requirements and depending on how you want us to work with you. You can choose just one of the following options, or a combination (eg you may engage us on a 2 day per month retainer which gives you 14 hours of support a month, and then also purchase a Time Bank of hours to use as and when you require over 14 hours of support in any particular month. Time Bank hours can be purchased at a discounted rate).


Training days and Coaching sessions are charged separately.


Option 1: Time Bank

If you would like to access our services ad-hoc basis, we offer the option to purchase blocks of time in advance (minimum of 5 hours). You can use your time banked hours on-demand, whenever it suits you. Some limitations apply.


Option 2: Retained Services

If you would like us to support you on a regular basis, engaging us on a retained basis may be the right solution for you. We will work with you to understand how much support you need. Retainer fees are charged monthly in advance, with no 'tie-in' period.


Option 3: Fixed Fee Project work

For some of our work we are able to offer a fixed fee for a whole project. Prices are quoted once we've scoped out the project.


Option 4: Daily Rate:

If you are just looking to strengthen your HR team with specialist expertise for a period of time, our on-demand Day Rate option may suit you better. 

  • Hourly Rate:         From £125 per hour

  • Half Day Rate:     From £400 for half day (3.5 hours or )  

  • Full Day Rate:      From £700 per day (7 hours)


from £125 per session


from £850 per day


charged at cost

Above is subject to our terms and conditions.

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Fees - Retained.PNG

Feel free to contact us to discuss our options and get a free quote