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Executive Coaching is at the core of our coaching programmes.

‘A Coach is part adviser, part sounding board, part cheer leader, part manager and part strategist’ - The Business Journal.

Working with senior leaders, we deliver a custom designed individually-focused development opportunity which offers multiple forms of feedback, direct awareness and the self-understanding needed to succeed in an uncertain and challenging leadership environment. 

Our Executive Coaching Programme explores your real concerns and issues and provides the opportunity to examine individual behaviour as well as study overall business strategy in a confidential, non-judgemental setting – but be prepared to be challenged and stretched.

There is as much a focus on personal values and goals as there is on business goals and outcomes as it is this synergy that creates the greatest growth opportunity.


We believe that, for coaching to be truly successful, there needs to be a synergy between both parties. For this reason we offer an initial 30-minute session free of charge.


There is no obligation to commit to further sessions.  

If you would like to make a free 30-minute coaching session appointment, please do get in touch.



We deliver coaching sessions either face to face, via telephone, skype or a mixture of all three. As with all of our services, coaching assignments are tailored to meet your needs and, so, the exact shape and flow of every coaching assignment is different but all are based on the following key principles:



Understand Basic Requirements


Initially we aim to get a high level understanding of your needs and objectives to ensure we match you with an appropriate coach.



A short introductory meeting


We offer a free 30 minute introductory meeting to ensure that there is a working chemistry between the individual and the coach and we also seek to understand the needs in more detail.



Defining the individual’s coaching objectives


At this initial ‘contracting session’ we help you to establish goals and success measures for the program and agree the duration and structure.



Bespoke support and structure


After the preliminary steps above, a robust programme of coaching sessions gets underway.  If not completed at an earlier stage, psychometrics may be administered at the first session. Goals and actions for the interim periods are agreed.



Ongoing Support and Review


Each session reviews the progress that has been made since the last session. We devise realistic and effective strategies for action to ensure continued change. We also offer telephone and e-mail support between sessions



Programme Review


At the end of the Coaching Plan we undertake a ‘Programme Review’, where we measure and discuss the outcomes and personal achievements. An ROI report will be prepared for the client.