Employee Engagement & Company Culture

Company Culture and Employee Engagement impact each other (and engagement is an outcome of culture) – companies with stronger cultures have highly engaged workforces and deliver higher revenues.


Company Culture is the pattern of shared values, beliefs and assumptions that people have within an organisation through which people make sense of anything that happens to them.


Employee Engagement is an employee’s relative rational and/or emotional commitment to their job, team, manager and organisation, which results in either increased discretionary effort, or willingness to go “above and beyond” their normal job, and/or intent to stay. Increased discretionary effort and intent to stay translate into the tangible engagement outcomes of performance and retention.


In a nutshell, ‘engaged employees’ are the individuals who go the extra mile. They are positive influencers, motivated to succeed and deliver results. This is crucial to maintaining and growing a strong and successful business.


Research has shown the strong link between engagement, performance, and retention to be as follows:


  1. Employee engagement has a significant impact on both performance and retention. 

  2. Companies with above-average employee commitment tend to exhibit above-average revenue growth. 

  3. The vast majority of employees are “up for grabs.”  Research indicates that seventy-six percent of employees are neither engaged nor disengaged.

  4. Different forms of commitment lead to different outcomes, including employee loyalty, innovation and higher performance.

Employee Engagement does not happen in a vacuum and it is intrinsically linked to the company culture. It is, therefore, imperative that organisations spend time planning and developing a culture that is going to produce the results and outcomes needed.

How we can help:


Company Culture:

  • Identify the cultural trends that have developed within your business – both the positive and less helpful

  • Develop these trends and consider additional practices that will help take your business where you want it to go.

  • Create action plans to develop the culture that you want.


Employee Engagement:

  • Work with you to create and implement a targeted engagement program

  • Devise a Communication Strategy and materials

  • Design and undertake Employee Engagement Surveys

  • Use assessment tools such as 360 degree feedback to understand the morale of employees.

  • Coach managers on how to better engage and motivate staff