Team Effectiveness

Senior Teams and Executives

With all the demands placed on business leaders it’s imperative that the senior management team works as a cohesive team. Trouble in the ranks at the top of the organisation can have a far-reaching negative impact across the workplace, ultimately hindering achievement of company goals.


Functional Teams

High-performing teams can achieve greatness and can be a very rewarding experience for the members of the team. A huge number of teams, though, just trundle along with research stating that 60% of the time, teams do not realise their stated objectives.

There are a number of reasons that can cause dysfunction amongst a group of people including lack of time and resources.  Other problems can occur due to lack of clear leadership, interpersonal conflicts, unreasonable or ill-defined outcomes and measures and lack of effective team working skills, amongst other things.


Many of these issues could be avoided or effectively addressed with thoughtful team design, a clear understanding of the principles and pitfalls of effective team work, relevant training and on-going support.



We help you diagnose team problems and develop effective solutions to get back them back on track.

We use a range of methods to get to the root of the problems including conversations, data and one or more of the following:


Bespoke solutions may include: